Andy Awes

Andy Awes is the President of Committee Films and has been working professionally in film and video production as a director, producer, editor and Tom Hanks’ stand-in for over 20 years. That’s 140 in dog years.

In addition to turning the company into a production powerhouse, Andy has been Executive Producer and Showrunner for ABC’s hit docudrama series, In An Instant, Travel Channel’s, America Unearthed, Investigation Discovery’s Serial Killer: Devil Unchained and History Channel’s Found and True Monsters.  Long before the success of his series work, Andy’s first foray into television came in 2009 when he directed and produced the 2-hour documentary special Holy Grail in America for History Channel. It was so well received, it helped Committee Films launch America Unearthed, H2’s top-rated show – which aired an impressive 39 episodes and was re-booted on Travel Channel in 2019.  Andy has also produced multiple specials and pilots for National Geographic, History Channel, Travel Channel, MSNBC and HGTV.

Whew.  As if that’s not enough…

Andy’s television work doesn’t stop at successful network and cable programming. He continues to direct and edit national spots, digital content and brand campaigns for companies such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sperry, Dairy Queen, Herman Miller and Alice’s Wig Warehouse. (Okay, the last one’s a joke. But if Alice were ever to want cool branding, he’d be all over it. But we all know Alice.)

Maria Awes

Maria Awes is Sr. Vice President, Executive Producer and Head of Development for Committee Films. She also holds the title for most titles. Prior to coming on board, she spent 10.2 years (she’s very detailed) in broadcast journalism where she won multiple Emmys and the Edward R. Murrow award for her investigative projects. In 2009, after realizing her journalism award shelf had no more room, she decided to turn her talents toward one of her two other passions: producing and writing TV series and specials – or cooking.  While she’s been known to make a mean pork slider, she’s even better at cooking up ideas for kick-$*% television shows.

Since the success of her first television special, Holy Grail in America on HISTORY, she’s gone on to produce a LOT more content – including the hit docudrama series In An Instant on ABC.  She spent three years as the Executive and Series Producer for H2’s top-rated show, America Unearthed, oversaw the new HISTORY series True Monsters and was an EP on Top of the World for Travel Channel.  Specials she’s developed, produced or written include Who Really Discovered America, Bigfoot Captured, Secrets of Einstein’s Brain, and Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed – all for HISTORY – and Mystery of Easter Island for National Geographic/NOVA.

Maria has also done not too shabby of a job overseeing the successful, rapid growth of the company, which now employs nearly 30 people in varying roles.  That’s a lot more than the 4 it started with!

Is there anything she doesn’t do?  Yes, get enough sleep.  But – on the bright side she does still cook every night for her family while she and her husband Andy prep their two young children to take over the world, or at least the company, someday.

Ben Krueger

Say you’re walking down the street and see a captain’s hat floating by in your periphery. There’s probably a 95% chance that Ben Krueger is under it wearing his trademark navy and gold captain’s hat. Hint: if the guy doesn’t have a medium to medium large beard – it’s not him.

Ben would be the most senior employee at Committee Films if it hadn’t been for Covid, which forced him and 72% or other Bens in the world to change their work situations. Prior, he’d been with Committee Films for over 10 years working as a production Swiss Army knife – doing everything from holding a boom to lugging gear to producing and/or directing all manner of media. He returned to cf in 2022, which allowed his in-office nemesis, Ryan Soule, to claim the title of most senior employee. It’s fine. Stings… but it’s fine.

His long history with Committee means Ben has had a hand in almost all of the projects we’ve produced over the years and has been all over the world with us too. He’s a pretty fun guy to have around though – so it works out for everyone. Let’s just say if this were Dungeons and Dragons he’d have like 17 charisma – plus 1 with his hat.

In his free time Ben enjoys spending time with his two boys, though that may not be mutual as they’re in striking distance of being teenagers. He also messes around with custom Lego creations as if he is still 10-12 years old, making all sorts of pop-culture-inspired creations at his home in Waconia, MN.

Mallory Chaudhry

Mallory Chaudhry is the Director of Development at Committee Films. That means she is always digging into stories both wonderful and incredible – sort of like Dirty Dancing, which is her favorite movie. Her “super power” is her ability to connect with others and is tempered by a professionalism that can only be described as impressive. Not so impressive: The fact that Mallory hates ketchup. I mean, come on. Makes you wonder how she is so darn good with people doesn’t it?

Mallory hails from Kenilworth, Illinois and studied video production and film at Ohio University before launching into a career as a producer that took her to New York, LA and eventually to Committee Films. While she is a steady and thoughtful voice here, she frequently lets it all out while teaching High Intensity Interval Training classes where she literally screams for an hour. We can hear it now: “Lift those arms higher! Good! Now prep that camera!”

Her advice to her 10-year-old self would be: “There are many paths to where you want to go”. That checks out. She has walked many different paths in her time, allowing her to be the well-rounded and knowledgeable production force she is. Those paths have taken her all over the US and to India – her very favorite place in the world. Paths still on the list? Sicily, Mallorca, Prague, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. Yeah, that’s a lot of paths.

When not rocking all types of production Mallory enjoys the company of her husband Surge and her son Asa in their Minnetonka home. Side bar: She also has a passion for… mustard. That is NOT a typo. She loves it so much that she has plans to create her own mustard company in some yet-unseen-future. Mallory’s Mustard. The world could only be so lucky.

Jen Blanck

Thing one to know about Jen Blanck is that she hates water chestnuts. Don’t make the mistake of offering her a jar – you WILL regret it! Perhaps more germane to a bio, Jen is the Head Research Librarian at Committee Films. That’s right. We have a librarian. Back off! While this doesn’t seem like a “traditional” role at a TV production company, we can assure you it is essential. Jen spearheads any and all research for the many projects Committee takes on – that’s a LOT of research. The stack of paper on her desk could be described as “truly daunting” or “a serious fire hazard”. Seriously though, if you need an answer, Jen has it at her fingertips. Just give her 10 minutes instead of the traditional “jar of water chestnuts” and you’re good to go.

While not in the office Jen loves spending time with her husband and kids playing basketball and tennis, setting up treasure hunts, gardening, going for walks, and just hanging out their home, which they share with two cats and a fish. While not at home she spends time running marathons (she’s run 5!), and not-so-secretly plots to become a woodworker one day. To relax she enjoys sunset happy hours with family and friends, preferably featuring red wine while the Indigo Girls play on the stereo. I’m sure she has other color-based interests too, but we are unaware of them as of this bio – you could always ask though – she’s super nice. Big take away – get yourself a Head Research Librarian if you can. They’re the best!

*Fun fact for those fourteen of you who are Committee Films bio enthusiasts. Jen got a masters in Library and Information Science from St. Catherine University – the same as Meghan. Thanks St. Cate!

Cindy Barber

Try this. Go home and ask whichever digital assistant you prefer to define “backbone of Committee Films”. The answer will be Cindy Barber (if not please update your settings). Cindy is our Director of Administration and that means she has her hands in literally everything we do from bookkeeping (fun fact: the only word in the English language with three double letters in a row) to budget management to keeping releases filed and organized to booking travel to maintaining a functioning office to… well, you get the idea. We could keep “to-ing”, but this bio would never end. Let’s just say we need her more than a hat in a Minnesota winter. Have you been in Minnesota in the winter? Give it a shot. See?

As a lover of cleanliness and order and a hater of tomatoes she is the perfect person to manage the massive amounts of “things” a production company gets into. Speaking of getting into stuff, she once let former (possibly current) teen heartthrob David Cassidy in the back of her hatchback to help him flee a stalker. True story. Although – isn’t that what a stalker would want David Cassidy to believe? Just saying.

Prior to coming to Committee Cindy was a high-end shoe buyer for Nordstrom’s and other boutique stores. But, lucky for us, that wasn’t a good fit (get it?) and we landed her at Committee Films.

When not saving our lives each day, she saves guinea pigs. Again, true story. She once saved their family guinea pig from cancer. Although – isn’t that what a stalker would want David Cassidy to believe? The aforementioned family consists of herself, her husband, and two boys who all live in Waconia, MN and have a happy life.

Will Yates

The first thing you need to know about Will is that he is the only person at Committee Films with a genuine British accent. This is because he’s from Boston. Confused? This threw us all for loop too until we looked at a map. Turns out there is a Boston, England. This is apparently the “original Boston” – just with a different accent. Who knew? At any rate, we spend a large part of our time here decoding the English vernacular, but it’s worth it.

Will is a producer here at Committee and has spearheaded projects for us all over the world due to his affable personality and attention to detail. He’s truly a cracking gent (great guy), and is able to connect with people anywhere. He’s responsible for getting all the odds and sods (bits and pieces) of a production together no matter where we’re filming and is always there with a solution when a spanner is thrown into the works (there’s a problem).

Whilst at home in Chanhassen (Minnesota this time, no English “original”) he enjoys spending time with his three daughters and watching football (soccer) and Star Trek (Star Trek) on TV. He’s a huge William T Riker fan apparently (please see Wikipedia if you do not understand this reference). When his girls kip down (go to sleep) he occasionally will relax with and Old Fashioned and a book, always on the lookout for a great story.

Whether or not we always understand what he’s saying there’s one thing we do understand: Will is an extraordinary producer and we’re lucky to have him on the team.

Antonio Richardson

An anagram for Antonio Richardson is Radiant Noon Choirs – which is exactly what swore we heard singing when he applied at Committee Films for an Associate Producer position. And everyone knows when a noon choir sings – you listen! We’re glad we did because Antonio is the real deal. A man of many interests including fashion, art, film, meditation, music, and Batman – he’s always willing to dig into a topic and find out all there is to know. A critical feature of a great AP. Seriously. Pick a thing. It’s nigh certain he’s studied it or is about to.

In addition to keeping all our projects on track through tireless research and tenacious documentation, Antonio is a shoe aficionado. We’re not sure he’s ever worn the same pair to work more than once, though there is a rumor that someone once saw him repeat a sneaker in 2017. Snopes is still checking this out.

When he’s not at work Antonio works with at-risk youth and may be the most positive person anyone has ever met. Scientists are pretty sure he has no electrons (this is a pretty solid science joke, which we’re sure Antonio could explain to you in greater detail if you have questions). He currently lives in St. Paul where he enjoys vanilla-scented candles, mini-snickers bars, and seafood as well as many non-flavor-based activities.

So, if you’re driving through the capital and hear the faint tones of a radiant choir – just know it’s Antonio making something better… or you’re driving by the cathedral. Either one.

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is a force in post-production here at Committee Films as Online Editor aka the most underappreciated role in post-production. It’s safe to say that if we’ve shot it, he’s fixed it up and made it ready to air. Basically, he does all the computery stuff that makes everything fit nicely together. We’re telling you – the guy is essential.

Paul was born in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, but grew up in River Falls, Wisconsin as most people who are born in paradise do. After studying Video and Digital Arts at MCTC he eventually found his way to Committee Films (we think by Google Maps ®) and has been an integral part of the team ever since.

When he’s not toiling away in the edit room at Committee, Paul enjoys skateboarding and eating awesome food. Among his favorite dishes: Jamacian Oxtail with peas and rice, sushi, and of course various offerings from Cinnabon. He’s also a DJ and has been spinning (spun?) Reggae and Hip Hop since 1997 – colloquially known as the year of the best DJs. Perhaps obviously, he also works on his own music in his free time in his home studio.

He currently lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his daughter Yolanda and a drum set where his guilty TV pleasure is Wheel of Fortune – colloquially known as the show preferred by the best DJs.

Ryan Soule

At Committee Ryan is the master of Photoshop and graphic design. Outside of Committee he’s a master of all sorts of things from building elaborate cornhole boards to winter jib parks to support his extreme sports habit (yes, that’s rea). Don’t worry. We had no idea what a jib park was either. Turns out it’s a snowboarder thing – ramps, jumps, and other stuff that would make a normally coordinated person a bit nervous. One should note his favorite band is Built to Spill however, so take that how you will before going full-send off one of his jumps.

After studying art and mass communications at St. Cloud State + Mankato State he promptly found his way to Committee Films to help create mass communication and art – so that worked out. He’s been with Committee since 2012 and is currently the employee who has been with us for the longest consecutive timeframe. That’s over a decade of working with one of the nicest people in world! (By that we mean Ryan if that wasn’t clear).

While he’s not making amazing visual treatments for Committee’s myriad projects, Ryan can be found enjoying burritos or skateboarding. Hopefully simultaneously at some point. It’s also worth noting he can tie his own bowtie with his eyes closed, which comes in handy when… well… it just does. When he’s not enjoying life with his family in Victoria, Minnesota there is a good chance you can find him at the Kentucky Derby, which he has attended six times and counting! But we’re guessing you’d have to want to find him pretty badly to go all the way to Kentucky just to look for him. Maybe send a text?