Mallory Chaudhry

Mallory Chaudhry is the Director of Development at Committee Films. That means she is always digging into stories both wonderful and incredible – sort of like Dirty Dancing, which is her favorite movie. Her “super power” is her ability to connect with others and is tempered by a professionalism that can only be described as impressive. Not so impressive: The fact that Mallory hates ketchup. I mean, come on. Makes you wonder how she is so darn good with people doesn’t it?

Mallory hails from Kenilworth, Illinois and studied video production and film at Ohio University before launching into a career as a producer that took her to New York, LA and eventually to Committee Films. While she is a steady and thoughtful voice here, she frequently lets it all out while teaching High Intensity Interval Training classes where she literally screams for an hour. We can hear it now: “Lift those arms higher! Good! Now prep that camera!”

Her advice to her 10-year-old self would be: “There are many paths to where you want to go”. That checks out. She has walked many different paths in her time, allowing her to be the well-rounded and knowledgeable production force she is. Those paths have taken her all over the US and to India – her very favorite place in the world. Paths still on the list? Sicily, Mallorca, Prague, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. Yeah, that’s a lot of paths.

When not rocking all types of production Mallory enjoys the company of her husband Surge and her son Asa in their Minnetonka home. Side bar: She also has a passion for… mustard. That is NOT a typo. She loves it so much that she has plans to create her own mustard company in some yet-unseen-future. Mallory’s Mustard. The world could only be so lucky.

Will Yates

The first thing you need to know about Will is that he is the only person at Committee Films with a genuine British accent. This is because he’s from Boston. Confused? This threw us all for loop too until we looked at a map. Turns out there is a Boston, England. This is apparently the “original Boston” – just with a different accent. Who knew? At any rate, we spend a large part of our time here decoding the English vernacular, but it’s worth it.

Will is a producer here at Committee and has spearheaded projects for us all over the world due to his affable personality and attention to detail. He’s truly a cracking gent (great guy), and is able to connect with people anywhere. He’s responsible for getting all the odds and sods (bits and pieces) of a production together no matter where we’re filming and is always there with a solution when a spanner is thrown into the works (there’s a problem).

Whilst at home in Chanhassen (Minnesota this time, no English “original”) he enjoys spending time with his three daughters and watching football (soccer) and Star Trek (Star Trek) on TV. He’s a huge William T Riker fan apparently (please see Wikipedia if you do not understand this reference). When his girls kip down (go to sleep) he occasionally will relax with and Old Fashioned and a book, always on the lookout for a great story.

Whether or not we always understand what he’s saying there’s one thing we do understand: Will is an extraordinary producer and we’re lucky to have him on the team.

Antonio Richardson

An anagram for Antonio Richardson is Radiant Noon Choirs – which is exactly what swore we heard singing when he applied at Committee Films for an Associate Producer position. And everyone knows when a noon choir sings – you listen! We’re glad we did because Antonio is the real deal. A man of many interests including fashion, art, film, meditation, music, and Batman – he’s always willing to dig into a topic and find out all there is to know. A critical feature of a great AP. Seriously. Pick a thing. It’s nigh certain he’s studied it or is about to.

In addition to keeping all our projects on track through tireless research and tenacious documentation, Antonio is a shoe aficionado. We’re not sure he’s ever worn the same pair to work more than once, though there is a rumor that someone once saw him repeat a sneaker in 2017. Snopes is still checking this out.

When he’s not at work Antonio works with at-risk youth and may be the most positive person anyone has ever met. Scientists are pretty sure he has no electrons (this is a pretty solid science joke, which we’re sure Antonio could explain to you in greater detail if you have questions). He currently lives in St. Paul where he enjoys vanilla-scented candles, mini-snickers bars, and seafood as well as many non-flavor-based activities.

So, if you’re driving through the capital and hear the faint tones of a radiant choir – just know it’s Antonio making something better… or you’re driving by the cathedral. Either one.

Chadwick Nelson

Chadwick might be the only person who has ever worked at Committee that is officially ambidextrous. We imagine that comes in handy (pun) in his role as editor. Maybe that’s why he’s so darn good at it…? It could also be why he was offered a basketball scholarship at a small Christian College in his early years. Thankfully, he decided to take an editing scholarship instead. That is probably untrue, but honestly? The guy deserves one. He’s truly got a gift for cutting compelling pieces that extends across all genres from documentary to reality to narrative to the probably-overbroad “other”.

Another benefit of being ambidextrous? He can juggle with the best of them. Who “the best of them” are is still an open debate. As it turns out, being a deceivingly good juggler is a skill that also transfers over to being a deceivingly good editor as he frequently has to manage multiple types of footage, deadlines, and styles. This also helps him in his life as a drummer. Yeah, he’s also a drummer for multiple bands in the Twin Cities. Sort of seems like if it’s rad, it’s for Chad. See the continuity in it all? It’s like he’s edited his own life to be awesome. Totally meta.

Outside of the office Chadwick loves riding his motorcycle and eating Indian food – not at the same time. He lives in Hopkins, MN with his dog Copper and, apparently, a pretty cool motorcycle. He allegedly can sleep through anything as well. Not sure what that has to do with being ambidextrous.