Antonio Richardson

An anagram for Antonio Richardson is Radiant Noon Choirs – which is exactly what swore we heard singing when he applied at Committee Films for an Associate Producer position. And everyone knows when a noon choir sings – you listen! We’re glad we did because Antonio is the real deal. A man of many interests including fashion, art, film, meditation, music, and Batman – he’s always willing to dig into a topic and find out all there is to know. A critical feature of a great AP. Seriously. Pick a thing. It’s nigh certain he’s studied it or is about to.

In addition to keeping all our projects on track through tireless research and tenacious documentation, Antonio is a shoe aficionado. We’re not sure he’s ever worn the same pair to work more than once, though there is a rumor that someone once saw him repeat a sneaker in 2017. Snopes is still checking this out.

When he’s not at work Antonio works with at-risk youth and may be the most positive person anyone has ever met. Scientists are pretty sure he has no electrons (this is a pretty solid science joke, which we’re sure Antonio could explain to you in greater detail if you have questions). He currently lives in St. Paul where he enjoys vanilla-scented candles, mini-snickers bars, and seafood as well as many non-flavor-based activities.

So, if you’re driving through the capital and hear the faint tones of a radiant choir – just know it’s Antonio making something better… or you’re driving by the cathedral. Either one.

Tina Zimmer

Tina Zimmer is the Office Assistant here at Committee Films. As such, the fact that she has a degree in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University is what we like to refer to as a convenient bit of narrative foreshadowing. She handles everything here at Committee down to the smallest details. Speaking of small details, she’s got two at home – a Pug named Otis and a Miniature Schnauzer named Teddy. It’s the little things that make the difference after all. If she could she says she’d “save all the dogs” in fact, but that’s just a kibble-based impossibility, so she settled on these guys.

Despite her immaculate attention to detail, Tina hates Thanksgiving, of all things. Thanksgiving! You’d think a holiday known for its minutia would appeal to someone who is a master of it – but, in an odd detail, she just doesn’t like the food. For a hot second, we thought she hated the act of being thankful, but it turns out it’s just about the turkey. We know this because Tina is actually very thankful for her husband, two sons, and aforementioned tiny dogs, whom she lives with in Victoria, MN, as well as muffuletta sandwiches from Central Grocer in New Orleans. She’s complicated… just go with it.

When not making sure everything is in its place here at the office, Tina enjoys crafting, decorating, baking, and almost any other creative endeavor and does NOT enjoy making beds, alligators, people who talk over others, and it can’t be overstated – Thanksgiving! Despite this diverse list of dislikes, Tina is one of the most pleasant people you’ll ever encounter and truly the best office assistant in the history of office assistants. This includes the Microsoft paper clip guy.