Tina Zimmer

Tina Zimmer is the Office Assistant here at Committee Films. As such, the fact that she has a degree in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University is what we like to refer to as a convenient bit of narrative foreshadowing. She handles everything here at Committee down to the smallest details. Speaking of small details, she’s got two at home – a Pug named Otis and a Miniature Schnauzer named Teddy. It’s the little things that make the difference after all. If she could she says she’d “save all the dogs” in fact, but that’s just a kibble-based impossibility, so she settled on these guys.

Despite her immaculate attention to detail, Tina hates Thanksgiving, of all things. Thanksgiving! You’d think a holiday known for its minutia would appeal to someone who is a master of it – but, in an odd detail, she just doesn’t like the food. For a hot second, we thought she hated the act of being thankful, but it turns out it’s just about the turkey. We know this because Tina is actually very thankful for her husband, two sons, and aforementioned tiny dogs, whom she lives with in Victoria, MN, as well as muffuletta sandwiches from Central Grocer in New Orleans. She’s complicated… just go with it.

When not making sure everything is in its place here at the office, Tina enjoys crafting, decorating, baking, and almost any other creative endeavor and does NOT enjoy making beds, alligators, people who talk over others, and it can’t be overstated – Thanksgiving! Despite this diverse list of dislikes, Tina is one of the most pleasant people you’ll ever encounter and truly the best office assistant in the history of office assistants. This includes the Microsoft paper clip guy.

Bill Hurley

Bill Hurley. If that sounds like a shepherd’s name to you then, you’re right, and I’m not sure how you knew that. Yes, Bill was raised on a sheep farm, which is at odds with his set nickname “Ham Tray” (because ham=pigs, an alternative livestock) given to him for his flawless circulation of a tray of ham to crew members on multiple occasions. This is, he says, his proudest production moment, but most of us here would say he’s just a super hard worker with a great attitude and should be more proud of the fact that we all see him as such.

Still, that ham though…

Originally from New Hampshire Bill came to Committee through an internship after having seen our work on TV and writing in with a letter entitled “Bill: Intern Extraordinaire”. We called him up and liked his voice and the faint “bahs” in the background. So, he came to Minnesota where we fell in professional, HR-compliant love with him as he worked on back-to-back TV specials. Knowing he had to be ours, we made him an offer he could refuse, but didn’t – Production Assistant #2.

But Bill was so much more than a number two. He’s the shit so we made him an Associate Producer! In his short time at c_f he has become a well-rounded employee capable of taking on any task he’s asked to do and providing comic relief in the spaces between.

In his spare time… well, I guess all the time… he is a nerd of the highest order. He loves to play video games, go to the Renaissance Festival (who doesn’t?), play something called “Catan” or whatever, play Magic The Gathering, and watch Lord of the Rings (his favorite movie) or Game of Thrones (his favorite show). As nerdy as this all is, he somehow makes it cool and we love him for that. Surprisingly, he also just got married… to a lady not a sheep!

Bill is also about 5’11”.

Devin Meierding

Before working at Committee Films, Devin Meierding was in college.  Literally, that’s where we hired him from. There is a rumor that he literally drove from graduation at the Art Institutes International Minnesota to {c_f} and literally sat down at a computer to start work. At the time, he was the youngest person ever to join the Committee. Why? Because awesomeness knows no age or bounds!

Officially, Devin is the Media Management Coordinator, but in reality he’s the Catch-All-Guy Extraordinaire. When he’s not helping to keep the media nice and tidy, driving gear around, making our calendars run smoothly or simultaneously troubleshooting fifteen random office tech issues, Devin can be found unwinding by taking selfies. You know, pictures of yourself, I mean himself, I mean yourself , if you’re Devin, or if even you’re just you… forget it.

At any rate, you should see his selfie collection – its amazing.

Devin’s mastery of selfie snapshots stems from his general love of photography, film and images and that’s why he’s a great member of our team. Bottom line, we’re glad to have him on board and don’t think we could live without him. We’re not sure if he feels the same about us, but he definitely can’t do without the TV shows Glee and Heroes.