Secrets of Einstein’s Brain

2015 marks the 60th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s death, and the subsequent disappearance of his brain. After his brain was stolen by the doctor trusted to perform his autopsy, the priceless specimen was examined by scientists whose goal was to try and determine what made this seemingly normal man change the face of science and define the word genius. This documentary follows the path of Einstein’s physical brain and all the places it traveled, while simultaneously telling the story of Einstein the man. It dives deep into Einstein’s life, his theories and not just what we’ve learned about the human brain by studying his, but what we have yet to learn.

True Monsters

True Monsters is a series that brings the scariest stories from our past and our present to life while delving into the truths that have inspired our favorite legends and fantastical creatures. Through a blend of cinematic re-creations and engaging storytelling by a panel of guests ranging from notable fantasy fiction writers to a criminal profiler, True Monsters is a show that reveals more about our monsters – and about us – than you’ve ever imagined. Touching on traditional myths from countries like Greece and Norway, the series broadens out to include monsters and characters from all kinds of sources, including the Bible and modern day urban legends. Now is your chance to see colossal giants like Goliath fall on the battlefield, man-beasts like the minotaur stalk their prey, a Christmas devil named Krampus cart a victim off to Hell and a scissor-wielding, slit-mouthed stalker in Japan seize upon the most helpless victims of all. True Monsters will entertain you while also explaining what led humans to create and fear such creatures and stories in the first place.

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