Chadwick Nelson

Chadwick might be the only person who has ever worked at Committee that is officially ambidextrous. We imagine that comes in handy (pun) in his role as editor. Maybe that’s why he’s so darn good at it…? It could also be why he was offered a basketball scholarship at a small Christian College in his early years. Thankfully, he decided to take an editing scholarship instead. That is probably untrue, but honestly? The guy deserves one. He’s truly got a gift for cutting compelling pieces that extends across all genres from documentary to reality to narrative to the probably-overbroad “other”.

Another benefit of being ambidextrous? He can juggle with the best of them. Who “the best of them” are is still an open debate. As it turns out, being a deceivingly good juggler is a skill that also transfers over to being a deceivingly good editor as he frequently has to manage multiple types of footage, deadlines, and styles. This also helps him in his life as a drummer. Yeah, he’s also a drummer for multiple bands in the Twin Cities. Sort of seems like if it’s rad, it’s for Chad. See the continuity in it all? It’s like he’s edited his own life to be awesome. Totally meta.

Outside of the office Chadwick loves riding his motorcycle and eating Indian food – not at the same time. He lives in Hopkins, MN with his dog Copper and, apparently, a pretty cool motorcycle. He allegedly can sleep through anything as well. Not sure what that has to do with being ambidextrous.

Meghan Peterson

As a librarian at Committee Films, Meghan is truly an invaluable part of the {c_f} team. Her ability to read and organize massive amounts of information is truly incredible and aided by her Masters in Library and Information Science from St. Catherine University. She is currently the only person who lists her favorite sport as “reading”, which she calls “mind sport”. She sets a goal of how many books she hopes to read every year on Good Reads and usually smashed it. She’s like the LeBron of reading apparently, a fact that keeps all of Committee’s projects well researched and largely factually accurate (I mean, we did do a conspiracy history show).

Outside of Committee Meghan is a licensed teacher – an achievement she cites as a personal triumph – and helps middle school kids on year-long history projects. We don’t know if you remember being that age, but we’d say this makes her one of the toughest people at Committee as well. Despite being a grizzled middle school veteran, Meghan has a soft spot for animals and hopes to one day work in South Africa at a Wild Rhino Sanctuary – arguably a safer choice than a middle school.

Meghan currently lives in Chaska, MN where she has never had a cup of coffee. Can we just stop here a second? Never? NEVER? Somehow this fact causes physical pain. Anyway, moving on. She also has a Boston Terrier named Perrie, which she describes as the “smooshiest”, and loves being outside (probably reading outside if we’re being honest here), and being with her family. Side note, and I think this is obvious, she also loves potatoes in all forms. What I’m saying here is that on an ideal day she’s sitting outside, reading a book about rhinos, next to a smooshy dog, and eating a basket of fries. You go girl.

Bennett Bonney

Did you know Bonney is Anglo-Scottish with French origins and means “good”? We do, because Bennett Bonney is the best. How’s that for alliteration*? As a post-production* assistant at Committee Films, Bennett manages many* of the projects we film. He keeps the footage nice and organized and moves data around like a dancer, which it turns out he was for 2 ½ years in college – The U of M in case you were wondering, where he majored in Communications.

While Bennett is one of the newer employees here at Committee, he’s quickly proven to be an invaluable one. There is no footage he can’t find. No file he can’t retrieve. No transfer he can’t make. The guy’s a post-production powerhouse*. Give it a shot. Call up and ask to speak to Bennett about retrieving a file. Hint: It’s already in your inbox.

Although he looks Scottish with his dark red hair and his name sounds about as Scottish as it gets, he actually lives in Minneapolis – which isn’t really that Scottish at all. There he boasts a large collection of shoes and still plays Pokemon Go. He probably still dances too, but in secret. Quite possibly to the tunes of Dolly Parton, his favorite musical artist. He also plays guitar. He also hates wet socks. Know what? Bennett actually seems like a pretty complicated guy, but like good complicated, not complicated complicated.

Curt Ash

Normally we take the time to write up a bio for someone, but we think Curt’s answer to the question “What’s your background?” is pretty good by itself:

I was born in Fargo, ND and I’m half Canadian. When people make fun of Canada in front of me, there are repercussions. I went to film school to avoid sitting at a desk all day.  Ironic, eh?  Also, I joined the Army after High School but didn’t pass my physical.  I was voted most likely to win an Oscar in high school. I dig the outdoors. I’m an Eagle Scout, how’s that for all-American (but half Canadian)? 

That sums it up, except for one thing.  Curt is just ridiculously tall.

He’s as tall as any two other Committee employees combined.

We say 6’10”.

This allows us to constantly shower him with praise puns: “If you left we’d have big shoes to fill,” or “You take editing to new heights,” or “You’re super tall Curt.”  Wait, that last one isn’t quite the same…

Despite his stature, he’s crap at basketball and has a tiny dog – a 6lb Chihuahua named Paco. He is, however, a fantastic editor despite the small keys.

Outside of work Curt likes to be outside in the woods. He may be solely responsible for 1/5 of the sasquatch sightings in North America.

In the past, Curt has been a cart pusher at Target, a truck driver and a homebuilder. He was also once a door-to door meat salesman – a common path for editors. Whatever the path he took to get here, we’re happy he’s here now. He was a huge hire for Committee Films. There we go again…praise punning.

Ian Forsythe

As a full-time production assistant at Committee Films, Ian frequently has to get weird. On any given day you can find him… anywhere. From keeping production materials organized and ready to working on any number of sets to loading and unloading the many and strange necessities of TV production from a box truck – he does it all. In a recent development he’s also developed into a development role, keeping scripts for new projects nice and crispy, updating and tracking projects, and doing research – the ever-present partner of development after all. A true team player here and on the ice – he was also a hockey goalie in an earlier life. Sort of similar duties in a way. Nothing gets by him.

Ian graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a double major in Digital Media Studies and Film Studies. He was born a fraternal twin so it seems like this double thing comes naturally to him. At St. Thomas he was also president of the Film Society and spent his free time analyzing films and editing various projects. What can we say? He’s a consistent guy, which probably explains why he’s also a fantastic bartender with a deep interest in mixology when he’s not working at Committee. This is a help to all of us after a long hard day of filming as well. We call that a win-win in the biz.

Ian was born in Brainerd, MN, which you probably guessed due to the hockey. During his life he’s moved upwards of 10 times – definitely NOT because he’s on the run from Johnny Law – but currently lives in Minneapolis, which Is quite lucky for us. The commute from Brainerd would be daunting.

Lukas Medin

If you took an x-ray of Lukas Medin’s torso you’d see all sorts of sprockets and gears, a sound drum, and a film gate because Lukas lives and breathes film. That’s a great thing for a post-production assistant, which, it turns out, he is at Committee. He was also a fencer in college, which isn’t as handy for post, but makes us all feel like we’ve got a better chance during an orc invasion (The Lord of the Rings trilogy is Lukas’s favorite book – hence the reference).

When not at Committee, watching films for review, Lukas loves watching films in the theater. Please see the part above about living and breathing film if you have questions about this. He’s a huge fan of Godzilla films in particular and hopes to one day zip line into Godzilla’s mouth. This is not a metaphor – apparently there is a hotel in Japan where you can do that, but then again there is a LOT of interesting stuff to do in Japan.

We’ve been told that Lukas is able to do a few really great impressions of certain film characters (go figure), but so far only have seen one impression – the great one he’s made on us. Wow. That was cheesy, but cheese… is for real, as is our opinion of Lukas.

Lukas currently lives in St. Louis Park with his dog Briley. While he’s certainly a household name there, he may soon be where you live too as his thesis film has recently been accepted into numerous festivals. Makes sense when you think about it.

Tina Zimmer

Tina Zimmer is the Office Assistant here at Committee Films. As such, the fact that she has a degree in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University is what we like to refer to as a convenient bit of narrative foreshadowing. She handles everything here at Committee down to the smallest details. Speaking of small details, she’s got two at home – a Pug named Otis and a Miniature Schnauzer named Teddy. It’s the little things that make the difference after all. If she could she says she’d “save all the dogs” in fact, but that’s just a kibble-based impossibility, so she settled on these guys.

Despite her immaculate attention to detail, Tina hates Thanksgiving, of all things. Thanksgiving! You’d think a holiday known for its minutia would appeal to someone who is a master of it – but, in an odd detail, she just doesn’t like the food. For a hot second, we thought she hated the act of being thankful, but it turns out it’s just about the turkey. We know this because Tina is actually very thankful for her husband, two sons, and aforementioned tiny dogs, whom she lives with in Victoria, MN, as well as muffuletta sandwiches from Central Grocer in New Orleans. She’s complicated… just go with it.

When not making sure everything is in its place here at the office, Tina enjoys crafting, decorating, baking, and almost any other creative endeavor and does NOT enjoy making beds, alligators, people who talk over others, and it can’t be overstated – Thanksgiving! Despite this diverse list of dislikes, Tina is one of the most pleasant people you’ll ever encounter and truly the best office assistant in the history of office assistants. This includes the Microsoft paper clip guy.