Cari Merryman

Cari is a stop motion director, animator, puppeteer, baker, candlestick maker…and all around artistic genius.

Before Committee, Cari had an oddly large number of jobs (her resume was 12 pages) including but not limited to: lifeguard, GAP employee, DNR employee, real estate mogul for Victoria’s Secret, clothes dryer, and ammunition sorter. Only after all that did the MCAD grad decide to get her masters in animation over in Bristol. It’s actually a common path for animators.

When she’s not at work or making art project after art project, Cari is planning her next Halloween party – they are legendary! Her kitchen table is surrounded by 6 handmade corpses; there is a 12ft papier-mâché shark hanging in her basement; and currently at least two frozen cave people effigies reside in her garage (although only one of which has an alien popping out of its chest cavity). Point is, her creativity knows no bounds.