Devin Meierding

Before working at Committee Films, Devin Meierding was in college.  Literally, that’s where we hired him from. There is a rumor that he literally drove from graduation at the Art Institutes International Minnesota to {c_f} and literally sat down at a computer to start work. At the time, he was the youngest person ever to join the Committee. Why? Because awesomeness knows no age or bounds!

Officially, Devin is the Media Management Coordinator, but in reality he’s the Catch-All-Guy Extraordinaire. When he’s not helping to keep the media nice and tidy, driving gear around, making our calendars run smoothly or simultaneously troubleshooting fifteen random office tech issues, Devin can be found unwinding by taking selfies. You know, pictures of yourself, I mean himself, I mean yourself , if you’re Devin, or if even you’re just you… forget it.

At any rate, you should see his selfie collection – its amazing.

Devin’s mastery of selfie snapshots stems from his general love of photography, film and images and that’s why he’s a great member of our team. Bottom line, we’re glad to have him on board and don’t think we could live without him. We’re not sure if he feels the same about us, but he definitely can’t do without the TV shows Glee and Heroes.